An integrated synthetic biology company

Synthetic Biology is disrupting multiple industries.

Massive advances in our ability to design, build and test biological and biochemical systems over the last two decades mean that creating, optimizing and manufacturing molecules, molecular assemblies and materials is cheaper, faster and more scalable than ever before.

River Stone is an integrated synthetic biology company with a focus on small molecule APIs. We combine state-of-the-art synthetic biology with extensive experience in making, scaling and launching pharmaceutical products, with particular expertise in small molecules and ADMET improvement. Our team has taken multiple products from idea to commercial launch, and hence understands how to orchestrate across the whole, complex, process.

A full suite

River Stone has a full suite of synthetic biology capabilities, including informatics, powerful gene integration tools, proprietary component libraries, diverse screening platforms, analytical systems biology, analytical chemistry, enzyme design & evolution, strain optimization and evolution, fermentation scale-up, downstream processing and quality control.